2021 - Lovers Magazine

Social Strategy

Interface Lovers, reincarnated. With social media handles that were on hiatus, it was time to give their social presence a revamp. I worked closely with LM’s founder, William Channer, and coordinator, Nuria Quero, to execute strategies that Interface Lovers have never done before.

It was evident that the tech community craved a sense of community, and Lovers Magazine was the perfect platform to push this idea forward.

twitter screenshot lovers magazine

Diversity in Design, Clubhouse

Early 2021, everyone was feening for a Clubhouse invite to get in on the action (so were we). There wasn’t a better product to speak up on the bigger issues in tech than Clubhouse. Lovers Magazine’s first ever live event was going to be held on Clubhouse, featuring speakers from tech moguls like Google, Headspace, and Dropbox.

diversity event - loversmagazine

The Stats

  • ✓ 220 listeners at the events peak
  • ✓ Gained ~100 followers during/after the event
  • ✓ Set the groundwork for future virtual events
twitter + instagram live promos