May 2022 - Contra

The Contrarian

The team stressed the importance of utilizing the Contra platform to showcase to its users that they can frame a Contra profile in any way they need. In our case, we used a Contra profile as a “tips” persona - it was the user’s guidebook to all things Contra, and a resource for both Independents and Clients to reference all things freelance.


Reimagining Contra’s Blog

We reimagined how we displayed content on Contra because there were too many identities, and eventually rebranded and merged all content to Contra’s own blog- The Contrarian. Inspired by key elements from blogs by SuperHi, Canva, and Figma, I collaborated with my manager, Engineering leads, and the Head of Creative to create features that helped users distinguish the blog from a standard profile- filter tags, promotional callouts, and author sections to name a few.

Engineers worked to merge all content to The Contrarian- from community features, success stories, and product guides, this was a reader’s one-stop-shop to learn more about Contra and the world of freelance.

While Contra is Independent-first, there was a lack of Client-based content on the platform. During my last few months at Contra, I researched and wrote SEO-based long form content about hiring a specific role based on Contra’s most popular user types.